Jet Co. Labs was born in 2017 as a project under the Jet Company, which is a London-based design and research studio.

Jet Co. Labs is an Internationals startup with designers and engineers from London, USA, Sweden and Estonia.  
We believe Jet co. Labs™ represents the perfect combination of our studio individuals’ take on artistic details and real industry knowledge of materials to the people.

We believe that our collective experience in design and manufacturing in different industries combined will allow us to create products that would last for a very extended period of time comparing to similar products on the market. In 2018 we are proudly presenting the "Jet Cable" - a phone cable with a unique armouring technology that we developed - "KevlaBraid" 


        It was strange to us, how in 2017, having all the materials and technology we are still facing the problem of torn cables. But then we realised, it's simply a cash cow for the big companies.
An average person buys 3-5 cables a YEAR, that's about 100-150$ depending on a brand.
So we came up with an idea of making a cable, that will last a lifetime.

Consolidating all our team's skills an experience in engineering, we experimented with materials that are commonly used in military manufacturing and aerospace engineering and such as Karbon and Aramid

While looking for perfect materials and techniques to create a cable that will be resistant both to stretch and bent as well as normal wear and tear.

we knew from our professional experience, that for durability purposes, ARAMID is used for armouring the optical internet cables.

Further, in our research, we found out that some phone cables are produced with ARAMID string. Yet as we found out, this was not the best solution due to the fact, that the string protects the wire only from stretch damage.

We decided to use a similar technique that is used in optical cables, but improve it by surrounding the inner wire with Braided aramid instead of regular layer of aramid.

We have applied this armouring technology on a smaller scale to make a phone cable that will outlive any other.

We cal this armouring technique "KEVLABRAID"

             We call our creation - the "JET Cable".

We are sure that the JET cable will finally put and end to endless spendings of a regular iPhone user purchasing yet another cable, only to see it break in a several months.

The JET Cable features a Neodymium magnetic connection. The magnet has a force of 2.5 kg that allows a quick release if the cable is pulled by accident but strong and reliable connection when used normally as the cable is lightweight.

The magnetic connection that we use is US patented and is provided by our manufacturing partner.

      When we had the prototypes at our hands and tested them, the question now was - how do we bring the JET Cable to the people?

Inspired by many stories of success, we decided to run a KickStarter campaign in the beginning of 3d quarter of 2018.

Crowdfunding will allow us to pay for the tooling.
In exchange for support on realising our vision,  we offer Kickstarter backers to be the first one to get the JET cable at up to 60% off retail price.













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